Interview Tips for Healthcare and Medical Professionals in Hospitals

Healthcare Interview

It pays to be prepared when you are interviewing for a job. The following tips cover those tough interview questions that healthcare applicants face during an interview. How you respond to the following possible questions will give you added self-confidence during an interview.

Tell Me About Yourself

Interviewers often ask applicants to tell them a little about themselves. If you are asked the question, limit your response to a couple minutes. Be logical when you reply. The interviewer is checking your skills in communication and linear thinking. When telling the story, add a key personal attribute, such as dedication or initiative.

Why are You Leaving Your Current Job?

Interviewers are always curious about why you may be leaving a current job. This question is crucial. So, avoid bad-mouthing your employer. Also, you don’t want to sound too opportunistic. Reasons you can provide include buy-outs, making a positive career move, or downsizing.

 Showcase Your Accomplishments

Hiring managers or interviewers are always interested in your accomplishments, especially those successes that were significant. You can obtain the position you are seeking if you focus on giving the right answer during this part of the interview.

Tell a short story (no longer than 2 minutes) and outline your personal involvement. Make each accomplishment tie in to how you successfully achieved certain goals. Discuss how hard work, long hours, and important company requirements led you to accomplish your objectives.

Why are You Qualified?

Interviewers often ask why you believe you are qualified to fill a certain position. Choose two primary factors about a job that are the most pertinent. Detail your qualifications for a couple minutes. Select a specific management skill (staffing, planning or organizing) or a technical skill that qualifies you for the job. Add a success attribute, such as perseverance or devotion.

What Do You Like or Dislike about Your Job?

Interviewers always ask what you dislike or like about your current job. When they ask this question, they are trying to determine compatibility. Will your temperament fit in with what they are seeking? Therefore, you have to be careful when answering this question.

For example, you don’t want to state that you do not like overtime or detailed work. On the other hand, you also don’t want to state that you like to manage. Any of those answers could cost you the job. Instead, stress how you like pressure situations, challenges and opportunities to grow in your career. Also, there is nothing wrong with disliking frustrating situations or bureaucratic procedures as most people can relate to these kinds of experiences.

Do You Handle Pressure Well?

Interviewers frequently ask how you handle pressure. Usually, high-achievers perform well in pressurized situations. If you do perform well under stress, provide the interviewer with an example and details of what you did.

One Final Important Note

Remember, when you are on an interview, that most hiring managers like job candidates that can show they are pro-active. In other words, they do not need to be told what to do. They are not only self-motivated, they are results-oriented as well.


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